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A group of rhizomatus species closely related to Trilliums, often included in the genus Daiswa. Totally bizzare. Atop a trillium like stem sits a whorl of 4-12 narrow leaves, at the apex are 4-6 green sepals and 4-6 narrow green to golden petals. Fruit capsules scarlet red to purple black. These are easily grown plants yet they resent being moved and often take 2-3 years to attain their full beauty. We should have other paris offering on the collectors list by April.


Paris polyphylla............................................... 11cm pot $12.99ea
Ht.40-95cm.  Z 6.  Flowers with narrow green sepals and thread-like golden petals atop a whorl of narrow green leaves. Fruit capsule scarlet red.   A highly variable species with lots of varieties throughout its range. A new introduction from Nepal.



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