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2023 Bulb List

Order Form for Bulbs

We will be shipping from Sept. 1st to Oct. 15th


Shipping resumes November 18th to December 15th


To order: use the bulb order form with reduced shipping charges (click here). If you are ordering plants as well, add the total of the bulb form at the bottom of the regular order form .

Welcome to Fraser's Thimble Farms Fall bulb list. . We expect to start shipping in early September and go right through until mid December with a break from October 15th to November 18th. Many of the bulbs listed are rare and available in small quantities only.  The best time to make a trip to the nursery if you plan to pick up your bulbs is late September or early October. We have tried to indicate naturally small bulbs, the size of a pea or less, with a ## sign.  Fall bloomers will be shipped with regular bulbs on your orders unless they arrive early.  Our bulbs are premium bulbs and are shipped to us after the regular bulbs are dispatched from the growers.  Ours travel by air rather than by ground and are stored correctly. This is why we can offer such a large selection of perishable bulbs like Fritillaria and Eremerus etc. We grow many of the rarest bulbs ourselves, including most of the erythroniums and trilliums, and only lift them a day or so prior to shipping.  All this ensures we ship the healthiest, soundest bulbs available.

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We do not rate bulbs as to their hardiness; therefore, it is your responsibility to research if a bulb is hardy to your area.  Often with new or rarely offered material hardiness is not known. In general, we will ship any plant to any place. So many things affect hardiness: frost, moisture, humidity, snow cover, wind etc.  The single most important factor is drainage, both in the winter and during the growing season.   For the most part, bulbous plants demand well draining soil. If you are in doubt about your gardens drainage, plant the bulbs in a mound.  It is also important to water your bulbs in to settle the soil and remove excess air spaces to ensure cold air does not penetrate the ground too deeply.  In general the more reliable the snow cover, the more you can plant. For example, in colder areas like Edmonton, Alberta (Zone 3) you can often get away with planting Zone 5-6 plants.   Most bulbs that are shipped are bloom sized unless otherwise stated, yet we do not guarantee blooms or the productiveness of the bulbs or plants as the subsequent cultivation falls beyond our control.  We do guarantee that the plants are true to name, healthy and sound at the time of shipping.  Thank you and enjoy our list. Take a risk and try something new, you'll probably be pleasantly surprised.To order: use the bulb order form with reduced shipping charges.

Richard and Nancy Fraser






Fall Flowering Bulbs------------

Colchicum autumnale album white flowers. Sept. Ht.4-5   $5.20 or $15.00 for 3

Colchicum The Giant Lilac flowers with a white throat. Sept. 8".
                                                          $3.40a or $9.60 for 3

Colchicum Waterlily Large double rosy-lilac flowers open to look like a waterlily. Sept. Ht. 6". $4.50ea or 3 for $12.50

Crocus cartwrightianus Bright lilac with purple feathering.Saffron bearing.Sept- Oct. Ht. 4"          $13.00 for 10 or $29.99 for 25

Crocus ochoroleucus Creamy-white flowers. Sept.-Oct. 4"
                                                                        $7.20 for 10 or $17.50 for 25

Crocus sativus Reddish-purple. Saffron Crocus. Sept-Oct. Ht. 5".     $4.20 for 10 or $10.25 for 25

Crocus speciosus Large lilac flowers. Sept. Ht.6". $4.00 for 10 or $9.75 for 25

Crocus zonatus (C.kotchyanus) Large light lilac flowers. Sept. Ht. 4".            $5.20 for 10 or $12.50 for 25

Lycoris aurea Golden Spider lily yellowflowers.Jul-Aug.   Small bulbs.
                                                          $8.00ea or $23.00 for 3

Lycoris sanguinea Spider lily Blood red flowers.Jul-Aug.   Very small bulbs.
                                                          $8.00ea or $23.00 for 3

Scilla autumnalis Fall blooming Bluebell. Finally we have these back in production!      $6.00ea or 3 for $17.50


Spring Flowering Bulbs


Allium acuminatum Hookers Onion Native. Bright pink-purple flowers. May-June. ## naturally tiny bulbs. Ht.6"      $6.00ea or ten for $49.00

Allium Ambassador Ht.40" Large, 7" across blooms of rich purple. $8.00ea or 22.50 for 3

Allium atropurpureum purple flowers. $10.20 for 10 or $24.50 for25

Allium azureum Deep blue flowers. $5.60 for 20 or $13.50 for 50

Allium bulgaricum (Nectaroscordum bulgaricum) Drooping green purple flowers.  $6.00 for 10 or $14.50 for 25

Allium crenulatum Olympic Onion Native. A fantastic dwarf onion with brilliant rose purple flowers. Ht. 4". Rare          $6.50ea Limit five per customer

Allium cernuum Nodding Onion Native. Nodding umbels of pink flowers. July-Aug. Ht.18"  Fresh bulbs          $4.50ea or $39.00 for 10

Allium christophii Large silvery pink flowers. June. Ht.24"             
                                                 $6.80 for 10 or $16.50 for 25

Allium dichlamydeum Native. Dark rose purple flowers. July. Ht.10".  Showy.  naturally tiny bulb             $5.50ea

Allium douglasii Native. Mauve pink flower atop lovely blue green leaves. Dark rose purple flowers. July. Ht.15".  Showy.               $5.50ea

Allium giganteum Large purple flowers. June. Ht.48"
                                                        $7.80ea or $37.50 for 5

Allium Globe Master Huge purple flowers . Flowers get much larger as the bulbs get older. Ht.38"  $9.95ea or $47.50 for 5

Allium moly Bright yellow flowers.  June. Ht.10"     $4.25 for 20 or $10.50 for 50

Allium neapolitanum White flowers. June. Ht.10" $4.25 for 20 or $10.50 for 50

Allium ostrowskianum Violet rose flowers. June. Ht. 6"
                                              $4.25 for 20 or $10.50 for 50

Allium Purple Sensation Deep purple flowers. June. Ht. 24"
                                                 $7.60 for 5 or $18.00 for 25

Allium schubartii  A lovely Allium with large spidery balls of purple violet to pink flowers with flower pedicles of varying length. July. Ht.16-20”.        $12.50 for 5

Allium senescens ssp. montanum var. glaucum  A lovely Allium with fragrant dark lilac flowers in late June to early July. Ht.8-12”.        $6.50ea

Allium sphaerocephalum Reddish-purple flowers. June. Ht. 18-24"               $4.25 for 20 or $10.50 for 50

Allium triquetrum Long lasting showy white flowers. Very nice. May. Ht.10" Edible stems and bulbs. # small bulbs. $12.50 for 2



Amorphophallus dunnii                                    $26.00ea
Ht.75cm. Z6. Glossy, deep green leaflets held aloft by an  ornamental stem marked with white and green patterns. Creamy spathe with white spots and a purple center, creamy white spadix.

Amorphophallus konjac  We offer young bulbs (marble sized) of this beauty. Heavily mottled stem support a massive divided leaf. When large enough the plant will bloom with a large purplish red spathe. Ht 1-2M...............$30.00ea

Amorphophallus yunannensis.......................Special $20.00ea or $35.00 for 2
Ht.1-1.75cm. Z6.The single leaf is held atop a 2-3' tall, smooth, dark green stalk, exquisitely mottled with lighter green to creamy colored blotches. The 3-6" tall spadix is white with a pink head partially hidden in a green speckled spathe atop a 50cm mottled stem.

Anemonella thalictroides.................... $10.00ea
N.A.Native.  Ht. 10-20cm.  Z4.  A dwarf anemone relative with finely divided feathery foliage appearing in spring from tiny, Dahlia-like tubers.  Pure white single anemone-like flowers.  Makes a very nice ground cover in light shade.

Anemonella thalictroides 'Kikuzaki White $25.00ea
A semi double white. From naturally small tubers.


Anemone appennina `alba'.......................... 10cm pot $9.50ea
Ht.10-20cm. Z4.  Foliage is deep purple when emerging then ages to dark green.  Flowers are snow white on the interior, shaded pale blue or pale pink on the exterior. From a small tuber.

Anemone blanda Blue Star Wonderful single blue flowers. Mar. Ht. 4".          $4.80 for 20 or $11.50 for 50

Anemone blanda White Splendour Large glossy white flowers. Feb.-Mar. Ht.5".         $4.90 for 10 or $11.75 for 25

Anemone coronaria Blue Poppy Single dark blue with black center. Ht.12". $8.00 for 20 or $19.90 for 50

Anemone coronaria Sylphide Single rose pink with a black center. Ht. 12". $8.00 for 20 or $19.90 for 50

Anemone nemorosa Mixed White, pink or blue flowers on slender stems. No choice as to colour, they are what they are. Apr. 4".Fresh plump rhizome.     10 for $45.00

Anemone nemorosa `Blue Eyes' Ht.10cm. Z4.  Double to single white flowers with a distinct blue eye as the flower ages.                       5 roots for $29.00

Anemone nemorosa Green Fingers. An odd form with green flowers tinged white set atop green sepals.   5 roots for $29.00

Anemone nemorosa `Mart's Blue'                    10 roots for $79.00
Ht. 10-15cm. Z4. This selection from Estonia blooms later than most and has dark blue flowers.

Anemone nemorosa Mauve blue. A form with  blue flowers; darker than A.robinsoniana. Apr. 4".              5 roots for $29.00

Anemone nemorosa Montrosa  A large double flowered form of wood anemone with a mix of green and white petals.  Ht. 20cm.             5 roots for $29.00

Anemone nemorosa Phyllodic form A bizarre selection which typically has white outer petals and inner petals replaced by numerous very finely dissected leaves.                          5 roots for $29.00

Anemone nemorosa Robinsoniana Light Lavender blue flowers. Apr. Ht.4".                   5 roots for $29.00

Featured plant
Anemone nemorosa Rosea Buds emerge with a rosy flush then open to  white flowers which age to a dark  purplish rose. A great groundcover for the woodland garden. Ht.4".        5 roots for $29.00


Anemone nemorosa vindobonensis A soft yellow form blooming 10 days before the hybrid Anemone x lipsiensis. Apr.Ht. 4". Fresh plump rhizome            5 roots for $29.00

Anemone ranunculoides Bright yellow flowers. Mar-Apr. Ht. 4"  10 roots for $59.00

Anemone trifolia   Similar to A.nemorosa but with three lobed leaves undivided (almost strawberry like) and typically with white flowers. Fresh plump rhizome. #                                                                3 for $15.00

Featured plant

Anemone x lipsiensis ( x seemannii) The hybrid between A.nemorosa and A. ranunculoides with soft creamy yellow flowers. Fantastic early spring groung cover. Ht. 4" Spring.

        5 roots for $29.00 or

50 for $89



Apios americana Ground Nut.................................. $12.00ea
N.A. Native. Ht.1-4m. Z3. Commonly called Indian potato or Ground nut,  Apios is a  neat native vine that produces edible tubers. It has showy, dusky pink pea like flowers. Edible tubers are high in protein and used in soups and stews. This one might spread so plant it where you want it.


Arisaema candidissimum....................................... $29.99ea
Ht. 40cm.  Z3.  Probably the most sought after Arisaema.  Lower spathe green striped white, upper portion pink striped white rarely all white   Sprouts very late in the season and is quite fragrant to men but rarely to women.

Arisaema griffithii Griffith's Cobra Lily....................... $25.00ea
Ht. 30cm.  Z6-7.  A wide but twisted deep violet-purple spathe with white and green stripes produced just above ground level. The leaflets are ornamented with yellow, red or purple margins which become more accentuated by fall.  This one is incredible and definitely one of the most unusual Arisaema.  Blooms April-May.

Arisaema triphyllum Jack-in-the-Pulpit............   $15.00ea
N.A.Native.  Ht.40-60cm.  Z4.  Two large, three parted leaves. Spathe, purple or bronze with greenish white stripes, followed by red berries in clusters.


Arisarum proboscideum  Mouse Plant  Spathe erect, gray white beneath and dark brown above, drawn out to a long, ascending tail-like apex.   This makes a nice unique small scale gtroundcover . From naturally small tubers.       $8.00ea


Arum italicum `Pictum'Ht.15-25cm. Z.4-5.  A form with white marbling on green  leaves with red fruits        $8.00ea


Brodiaea coronaria Native. Star-like bluish violet flowers in early summer. Jun-Jul. Ht.6-10"    ## naturally tiny bulbs. $7.50ea


Camassia cusickii Native. Wisteria blue flowers. May. Ht.3'.

Camassia leichtlinii Native. Spikes of blue flowers. May. 3-4'.
Rarely white                                      $6.50ea or $15.00 for 3

Camassia leichtlinii alba Native. Ivory white flowers. May-June. Ht.3-4'       . $6.50ea or $15.00 for 3

Camassia leichtlinii San Juan Native. This is the darker blue form found throughout the Islands. May. Ht. 3'. $6.50ea

Camassia leichtlinii Semiplena A choice, double creamy white form. Rare.June. Special $8.00ea or three for $21.00
Camassia quamash Native. Blue flowers, naturalises well. May-June. 12". $15.00 for 10 or $28.00 for 20 or $99.00 for 75 bulbs

Camassia quamash `Blue Melody' Native. Dark blue flowers with variegated foliage. May-June. Ht.12"                         $35.00 for 10

Camassia quamash `Orion' Native. Deep violet-blue flowers. May-June. naturally small bulbs. Ht.12"   Tiny bulbs                                                       $7.50 for 3



Cardiocrinum giganteum We have 4-5 year old bulbs of this giant Himalayan Lily.  Fragrant white trumpet shaped flowers with red throats in clusters of 5-20 atop a giant leafy stem. large $39.95ea


Chionodoxa luciliae alba Large snow white flowers. Feb-Mar. Ht. 4".          $5.20 for 20 or $12.75 for 50

Chionodoxa forbesii  Sky Blue flowers. Feb-Mar. 5".       
                                               $5.20 for 20 or $12.75 for 50

Chionodoxa forbesii Pink Giant Soft pink flowers. Feb-Mar. 5".   
$6.40 for 20 or $15.75 for 50


Corydalis buschii  A dwarf creeping reddish-purplish flowered species. Grows from a thin, miniature bright yellow rhizome.  Makes a nice clump over time. $7.50ea                                                                 

Corydalis solida `Beth Evans’................. $19.00 for 3 bulbs
Ht.15-25cm. Z6. A form with abundant soft pink flowers with a white throat. From bulb.

Corydalis solida `George Baker’........... $19.00 for 3 bulbs
Ht.15-25cm. Z6. Striking red flowers. From bulb.

Corydalis solida incisa............................ $19.00 for 3 bulbs
Ht.15-25cm. Z6. A mix of the colours from the C. solida series. From bulb.

Corydalis solida `Penza Strain’................$19.00 for 3 bulbs
Ht.15cm. Z4. A strain from Russia with an amazing array of colours from white, pink, blue, purple to red. Forms nice colonies over time. From bulb.



Crocus chrysanthus Fire Fly Soft lilacr blue. Feb-Mar.  $5.20 for 20 or $15.00 for 60

Crocus chrysanthus Cream Beauty Soft creamy yellow. Feb-Mar.  $6.00 for 20 or $17.50 for 60

Crocus chrysanthus Early Gold Bright golden yellow with darker stripes on the outside of the sepals. Feb-Mar.  $8.00 for 20 or $22.00 for 60

Crocus chrysanthus Snowbunting White with greyish feathers and yellow centre. Feb-Mar. $6.40 for 20 or $19.00 for 60

Crocus Lady Killer White with purple on the back side of the sepals. Feb-Mar. $6.00 for 10 or $17.50 for 30

Crocus Orange Monarch Rich Orange flowers with dark striping on the outside of the sepals. Feb-Mar. $5.40 for 10 or $15.25 for 30

Crocus sieberii `tricolor' A startling bloom with deep yellow then a band of white separating this from a rich lilac-blue.             $7.20 for 20 or $20.00 for 60

Crocus tomassianus Ruby Giant Deep reddish purple flowers. Mar. Ht.3"     $5.20 for 20 or $15.00 for 60

Crocus tomassianus Whitewell Purple Silvery reddish purple flowers. Mar. Ht.3".       $4.80 for 20 or $14.00 for 60

Crocus vernus Purpurea Large purple flower. Feb-Apr. Ht.4"
                                               $6.80 for 10 or $19.75 for 30

Crocus vernus Remembrance Large deep violet blue. Feb.-Apr. Ht. 4".          $6.80 for 10 or $19.75 for 30

Crocus vernus Snowstorm Ivory white with purple base. Feb-Apr. Ht.4".      $6.80 for 10 or $19.75 for 30

Crocus vernus Striped Beauty purple and white striped. Feb-Apr. Ht.4".      $6.80 for 10 or $19.75 for 30

Crocus vernus Yalta Large dark purple flowers with lighter purple sepals. Feb-Apr. Ht.4".      $6.80 for 10 or $19.75 for 30

Crocus vernus Yellow Mammoth Large yellow flowers Feb-Apr. Ht.4".       $6.80 for 10 or $19.75 for 30




Cyclamen coum Deep, crimson rose flowers with a white eye. Jan-Apr. Ht.6". Young Corms #.    $8.00ea

Cyclamen neapolitanum (hederifolium) Rose to dark pink or white flowers with dark crimson spot in early fall.Ht. 6-8". Small bulbs but bloom sized
                                                        $7.50a or $69.00 for 10

Cyclamen repandum  Fragrant pale to deep pink or carmine magenta flowers with a darker zone around the mouth. Spring blooming. Ht. 10-15cm.  Young corms#.                                                          $15.00ea

A group of hardy orchids that gets better with age. All are open pollinated so expect some variation. See the perennial pages for other species

Dactylorhiza mixed species                                     $30.00ea
Z3. Dense spikes of deep purple flowers. small Bloom sized tubers.



Delphinium menziesii Menzies’ Larkspur...................... $6.00ea
Native. Ht.20-75cm. Z3. From a small tuber arises this lovely larkspur with blue to purple flowers (occasionally yellow). It is usually associated with the grassy bluffs of Garry Oak meadows.


Dicentra cucullaria Dutchmans Breeches White pendulous flowers resembling a small pair of pants.## naturally small tubers       $6.00ea or Three for $15.50

Dicentra canadensis Squirrel Corn White tinged mauve with yellow tips. Tiny tubers resemble a kernel of corn.           $6.00ea or Three for $15.50


Eranthis cilicica Winter Aconite Yellow flowers in late winter. Ht. 4"              $6.60 for 10

Eremurus Foxtail lilies are truly spectacular plants with spikes consisting of hundreds of flowers.  Plant in a sunny well drained border. Flowers June and July. Large roots.

Eremurus bungei Bright yellow flowers age to orange. Ht 2-4' Fresh Rhizomes               $8.00ea

Eremerus x isabellinus `Cleopatra’
............................   $8.00ea
Ht. 150-175cm.  Z5.  This selection has spikes of orange flowers with darker ribs, borne on a narrow elongated raceme.

Eremerus x isabellinus` Shelford Pink' ........... $8.00
Ht.80-125cm.  Z5.  Narrow green leaves.  Flower shaft up to 40cm on 100cm flower stalk, blooms July to August.  




Mixed Eryhroniums from our growing beds. We are lifting one of our stock beds that has grown for more than 20 years. 5 for $45.00,10 for $79.00, 25 for $175.00, 50 for $300.00


Erythronium albidum. White flowers with a tint of blue. April. Ht.6". ## Tiny bulbs          $10.00ea

Erythronium americanum Trout lily. Yellow flowers. April. Ht.4". ## Tiny bulbs          $7.50ea

Erythronium dens canis Frans Hals A form with rich deep violet purple flowers and brown throat with a yellow ring.Ht 4"                                    $12.00ea

Erythronium dens canis Niveum  A form with large white flowers with a touch of lavender. Ht 4"               $10.00ea

Erythronium dens canis Pink Perfection A form with clear pink flowers Ht 4"             $10.00ea

Erythronium dens canis Rose Queen  A form with large rose pink flowers and mottled leaves. Ht 4"           $10.00ea

Erythronium dens canis Snowflake  A lovely form with large white flowers. Ht 4"       $10.00ea

Erythronium dens canis White splendour  A form with large white flowers with dark brown basal blotch. Ht 4"       $10.00ea

Erythronium grandiflorum Yellow flowers dwarf form ##. Apr.Ht.8"            $10.00ea

Erythronium multiscapoideum Large white flowers with yellow centres with well mottled leaves. Typically with multiple flowers per stalk!        $10.00ea

Erythronium oregonum White flowers. Apr.Ht.10" $10.00ea

Erythronium oregonum Big flowered form These are seedlings from a form with enormous flowers. Near bloom sized bulbs.               $12.00ea

Erythronium oregonum Cream Form Creamy soft yellow-white flowers. E. oregonum subsp. leucandrum Apr.Ht.10"     $10.00ea

Erythronium tuolumnense. Yellow flowers with a hint of green. April. Ht.12".               $10.00ea

Erythronium tuolumnense Citronella Yellow flowers April. Ht.12". Similar to E.Pagoda.              $10.00ea

Erythronium tuolumnense Kondo Yellow flowers April. Ht.12". Similar to E.Pagoda.    $10.00ea

Erythronium tuolumnense Pagoda Yellow flowers and very large leaves April. Ht.12".              $10.00ea




Fritillaria affinis (F. lanceolata) Chocolate Lily. Yellowish green to dark purplish brown marked and spotted yellowish green. 16'-24' Native. $13.00ea

Fritillaria camschatcensis Northern Rice Root Native. Purple-black checkered, bell shaped flowers. Mature bulbs with many immature attached. May .Ht.18-24"                                                                 $13.00ea

Fritillaria camschatcensis forma flavescens Northern Rice Root  A rare yellow form of this species. May. Ht.18-24"                                        $18.50ea

Fritillaria imperialis Early Sensation Crown Imperial Lily A ring of tightly packed yellow bells atop a 3' stem. Apr.                                         $10.80ea or $28.00 for 3

Fritillaria imperialis Rubra Crown Imperial Lily  A ring of tightly packed red bells atop a 3' stem. Apr. $5.80ea or $15.75 for 3

Fritillaria meleagris Snake's Head  Nodding heads of maroon or white chequered flowers. Naturalises. April. Ht.12".        $5.00 for 10 OR $24.00 FOR 50

Fritillaria meleagris alba Snake's Head  Nodding heads of white chequered flowers. Naturalises. April. Ht.12".        $5.60 for 10 OR $27.00 For 50

Fritillaria persica adiymen Tall stems hung with bells of dark purple-black. Apr.-May. Ht.3'                                         $6.00ea or $17.75 for 3



Galanthus ikariae  ( G.worownii) Another larger snowdrop similar to elwesii but leaves are a shiny green.  Ht.8".            $6.20ea for 10 or $30.00 for 50

Galanthus elwesii.  Single common Snowdrop. Ht. 6".   $8.60 for 10 or $41.00 for 50

Galanthus nivalis Double Snowdrop.  Double common Snowdrop. Ht. 6". $10.60 for 10 or $19.00 for 25

Galanthus Mount Everest A great robust strain Snowdrop. Ht. 6-8". $8.00 for 10 or $19.00 for 25


Only the varieties that come from tubers are listed here

Geranium maculatum Tuberose A woodland species Pink flowers Ht.1-2'  New leaves emerge colored in the spring and fade to green. Each plant is different.   $7.50ea.

Geranium maculatum Espresso....................... Special $7.50ea
Ht. 60cm. Z4.  Superbly contrasting dark  bronze foliage and lavender pink flowers that mature to white. Foliage emerges in spring a wonderous burgundy-black and slowly fades to bronzy green after a few weeks.



Aida Deep, royal purple flowers with a deeper mid rib Ht. 8-10   $7.80 for 4  or $36.00 for 20

Carnegie Pure white. Ht.8-10".         $7.40 for 5  or $27.50 for 20

Delft Blue Blue. Ht.8-10".         $6.60 for 5  or $24.00 for 20

Pink Pearl Pink Spikes Ht.8-10".         $7.00 for 5  or $26.50 for 20

Jan Bos Red Spikes. Ht. 8-10"   $7.00 for 5  or $26.50 for 20

Gypsy Queen orange Spikes. Ht. 8-10"   $7.30 for 5  or $28.50 for 20


Iris cristata  a small creeping iris with lavender to blue flowers with dark venation and white markings.        $7.50ea

Iris reticulata Alida  Blue falls with yellow crest. Feb-mar. Ht.6".          $5.00 for 10 or $24.00 for 50

Iris reticulata Harmony Blue with darker falls with a yellow blotch rimmed white. Feb-Mar. Ht.6" $3.60 for 10 or $17.00 for 50

Iris reticulata J.S.Dyt Rich velvety dark reddish purple, very fragrant. Feb.-Mar. 4". $4.40 for 10 or $21.00 for 50

Iris reticulata Katherine Hodgkins. Feb.-Mar. 4". $5.40 for 10 or $26.50 for 50

Iris Heritage Bearded Iris We will be selling a few of each from the following list of heritage Iris. We sell a single,trimmed fan from one gallon pots. Google an image if you need. $15.00ea

Amas, Among Friends, Belvi Queen, Beverly Sills, Bhu Tan Glory, Blitz, Blue Eyed Blonde, Buto, Cable Car, Camelot Rose, Carolina Gold, Cherry Garden, Crimson King,Dogrose, Elsa Saas, Flirting Again, Gibson Girl, Grape Orbit, Grapesicle, Indian Chief,Khedive, Lent A. Williamson, Loudan Lassie, Ma Mie, Mahogany Snow, Making Eyes, Marsh Marigold, Melanie, Perfection, Rameses, Repartee, Rose Unique, Sambucina, Sky and Sun, Smell the Roses, Stitch Witch, Stop The Music, Taj Mahal, Tomingo,Vingolf, Wabash, Water Colour.

Leucojum aestivum  Like a large Snowdrop. Flowers white bell shaped with six green tips to segments. Ht.12-16" Apr.              $7.20 for 5 or $33.00 for 25

Leucojum Gravetye Giant  a robust selection that flowers freely. Ht. 16-18" Apr.          $5.60 for 2 or $26.00 for 10


Lilium canadense coccineum........................... $12.00ea
Z4-5. Ht.100-150cm.   Up to 20 bell shaped pendulous flowers adorn this eastern North American Native.  Flowers are red with darker spotting and a yellow throat.  A plant for the edge of a woodland where it will quickly form a tight clump.  We are selling small bulbs, one-two years away from blooming.

Lilium candidum Madonna Lily $20.00ea
Ht. 1-1.5m.  Z5.  Fragrant white flowers.

Lilium columbianum................................................ $15.00ea
Native. Ht.to 1.2m. Z3.  Our lovely native tiger lily. Orange flowers and very drought tolerant.

Lilium hansonii................................................ $15.00ea
Ht.to 1.2m. Z5.  This is a lovely fragrant Turk's Cap type lily from Korea with deep orange-yellow flowers spotted with purple-brown towards the base.

Lilium martagon Turk's Cap Lily..................... $15.00ea.
Ht. 40-100cm.  Z4. Up to 50 flowers purplish-pink, densely spotted purple.

Lilium martagon `Early Bird '............................ $15.00ea
Ht. 40-100cm. Z4. This selection has magenta flowers with a tad of ochre yellow showing through and a few red spots.  It seems to bloom earlier than the species and stays in bloom much longer. An excellent selection.

Lilium martagon album Turk's Cap Lily..................... $18.00ea.
Ht. 40-100cm.  Z4. Up to 50 white flowers per stem.

Lilium martagon `Claude Shride '............................. $15.00ea
Ht. 100-180cm. Z4. Dark maroon-red blooms dusted with orange spots and set against pronounced golden-orange stamens

Lilium martagon `Sunny Morning '........................... $15.00ea
Ht. 60-90cm. Z4. Up to 50 flowers per stem that are golden-orange with dark mahogany spots.

Lilium pardalinum Leopard Lily...................... $15.00ea
N.A. Native. Ht.2-3m. Z5. Orange red to crimson  Turk's cap type flowers spotted maroon..

Lilium superbum Turks Cap Orange flowers with crimson tips. Ht.3-4"            $12.00ea

Mertensia virginica Virginia Bluebells.  Rich sky blue flowers come from clusters of pink buds. Dormant root.    $7.50ea


Muscari armeniacum  Grape Hyacinth  Deep blue. Mar. Ht. 6".        $6.00 for 20 or $14.50 for 50

Muscari latifolium Blue-black flowers topped by pale ones higher up on the flower spike. Apr. Ht.9".          $4.40 for 20 or $10.75 for 50.00

Muscari Mount Hood  Blue flowers tipped in white and a crown of white on the top of the floret makes mount hood a unique Grape Hyacinth.  Mar. Ht. 5".        $4.40 for 10 or $21.00 for 50


The Daffodils and Narcissus are listed here. The division number is noted in brackets after the name.
Divisions 1=Trumpet Daffodils; 2=Large Cup Narcissi; 3=Small cup Narcissi; 4= Double Daffodils; 5=Triandris; 6=Cyclamineus forms: 7=Jonquilla forms; 8=Tazetta forms; 9=Poeticus forms; 10=Species and wild variants; 11=Split Corona


Acropolis (4) Double white with inner orange highlights. Apr.-May. Ht. 16".
                                                 $9.40 for 10 or $22.50 for 25

Arctic Bells (10) White hoop petticoat shaped flowers. Apr.-May. Ht. 4".
                                                 $6.40 for 10 or $15.50 for 25

Baby Moon (7) Yellow multi-headed. Apr.-May. Ht. 8".
                                                 $4.60 for 10 or $11.25 for 25

Barret Browning (3) Pure white with an orange red cup. Apr.-May. Ht. 15".    $8.60 for 10 or $21.50 for 25

bulbocodium  var. conspicuus (10) Bright yellow Hoop Petticoat shaped flowers. Ht.4".##           $12.00 for 10

canaliculatis (10)  White flowers with yellow cups, sweetly scented. Ht.6".                   $3.50 for 10 or $8.75 for 25

February Gold (6) Yellow with golden yellow trumpet. Apr. Ht. 10". $8.40 for 10 or $20.50 for 25

Geranium (3) a fragrant cupped narcissus with white petals and a small orange cup.                 $10.00 for 10 or $23.50 for 25

Golden Bells (10) a narcissus bulbocodium type with many yellow bell shaped flowers.                 $6.00 for 10 or $14.50 for 25

Golden Ducat (4) Double yellow. Apr.-May. Ht. 14".
                                                 $9.40 for 10 or $23.00 for 25

Ice Follies (2) Icy white with pale primrose frilled cup. Apr. Ht.15".                                           $9.40 for 10 or $23.00 for 25

Jack Snipe (6) White with yellow trumpet. Ht.8". $7.60 for 10 or $18.75 for 50

Jetfire (6) Golden-yellow reflexed perianth with orange red trumpet. Mar.-Apr. Ht. 10".      $5.40 for 10 or $13.25 for 25

King Alfred (1)  Large yellow trumpet. The most common daffodil of all.           
           $6.50 for 10 or $28.00 for 50

Minnow (8) Multi-headed primrose yellow flowers. Ht. 6".
                                                 $4.60 for 10 or $11.50 for 50

Mount Hood (1) White with ivory white trumpet.  Ht.16".
                                               $10.40 forr 10 or $24.75 for 25

poeticus recurvus (10) Pheasant's Eye Narcissus.Apr.-May. Ht.16".               

$9.00 for 10 or $22.50 for 25

Quail (7) Rich yellow multiflowered. Apr.-May. Ht. 10."
                                                 $6.20 for 10 or $18.00 for 25

Sailboat(7) Creamy white flowers with soft yellow cup $8.40 for 10 or $24.00 for 25

Tahiti (4) Yellow with double orange center. Apr.-May. Ht.
                                                 $10.40 for 10 or $23.50 for 25

Tete a Tete (6) Multiflowering yellow. Mar.-Apr. Ht.8".
                                                 $6.40 for 10 or $18.00 for 25

Thalia (5) Multiflowered creamy white. Apr.-May. Ht.14".
                                                 $10.00 for 10 or $23.00 for 25

yellow cheerfulness (9) Fragrant double soft yellow flowers with a ring of large yellow outter petals. Apr.-May. Ht. 16".
                                                 $11.40 for 10 or $25.00 for 25.00


Pinellia cordata Lovely mottled heart shaped leaves make this a very attractive plant. Spathe greenish brown with purple veins. Fragrant,  smells like juicyfruit gum.      $8.00ea



Puschkinia libanotica Pale blue spires, each petal darkly lined. Mar.Ht. 4".     $4.00 for 20 or $11.50 for 50



Rhodohypoxis bauri `Fred Broome'                              $7.00ea
Soft pink flowers.

Rhodohypoxis bauri `Great Scott'                              $7.00ea
Reddish pink flowers.

Rhodohypoxis `Lily Jean'          special $5.00ea
Double sugary pink flowers. From small bulbs.

Rhodohypoxis `Ruth'                                                 $7.00ea
White flowers.

Rhodohypoxis bauri `Venetian'                              $7.00ea
Dark pink flowers.



Sanguinaria canadensis Lovely single white Apr. Ht. 6".              $12.00ea

Sanguinaria canadensis Multiplex Lovely double white Apr. Ht. 6". Only a few available.             $25.00ea

Sauromatum venosum  Voodoo Lily................. $10.00ea
Ht. cm. Z7.   This interesting tuber produces a long, slender fleshy pink to maroon spadix with a yellowish spathe mottled with maroon.  A striking solitary pale green leaf mottled with dark green or maroon follows in summer.  The spadix emits a very distinctive foul smell, luckily for only a day. Striking purple tennis ball sized seed head in fall.


Scilla campanulata The blue Spanish bluebell. Soft blue, bell shaped  flowers. May. Ht. 15".         $5.80 for 10 or $28.00 for 50

Scilla campanulata Pink form A pink flowered form of the Spanish bluebell.              $5.80 for 10 or $28.00 for 50

Scilla nutans English Blue Bells. Violet blue bell-shaped flowers. Apr.-May. Ht.12".        $5.80 for 10 or $28.00 for 50

Scilla siberica Spring Beauty Dark violet blue flowers. Mar. Ht. 6".                $4.40 for 10 or $21.00 for 50

Scilla siberica alba White Spring Beauty White flowers. Mar. Ht. 6".                 $4.40 for 10 or $21.00 for 50

Refer to our regular catalogue for about 20 different selections.  This is the very best time to order. 

Trillium cuneatum Nice heavily mottled leaves and flowers ranging from red to brown or even yellow. $15.00ea or $49.00 for 5
Trillium erectum A great species with red flowers. $15.00ea or $49.00 for 5

Trillium flexipes A great species with slightly nodding flowers, usually white but sometimes pink or yellowish.          $15.00ea

Trillium grandiflorum  An easy to grow white trillium. $15.00ea or $49.00 for 5

Trillium grandiflorum Plenum An easy to grow double white trillium. $75.00ea

Special Trillium ovatum 5 year old plants, one to two years from blooming. Native.       $18.00

Trillium pusillum. # Small dwarf white flowering trillium.
                                                                                   $15.00ea or $55.00 for 5
Trillium luteum yellow fragrant (sweet lemons) upright  flowers.
                                                          $15.00ea or $49.00 for 5

Trillium recurvatum  Short up facing red- brown flowers and mottled leaves.               $15.00ea or $49.00 for 5



Triteleia hyacinthina Fool's Onion Umbels of white flowers with green veins. Jun. Ht. 18".           $45.00 for 10

Triteleia peduncularis Large umbels of white flowers often  with blue-purple striping on the reverse.  Excellent as a naturalizer, a summer blooming meadow plant or midway in the perennial border. Jul. Ht. 18". # zone 5
                                                        $45.00 for 10

Triteleia laxa Large umbels of deep blue flowers. Jun-Jul. Ht. 18".   $35.00 for 10


 Species Tulips

Tulipa chrysantha Rosy red flowers with yellow inside. Apr. 10"    $4.60 for 10 or $13.60 for 30

Tulipa dasystemon tarda Yellow and white flowers. Ht. 6"            
                                                   $3.40 for 10 or $10.00 for 30

Tulipa humilus alba coreulea oculata White with a blue eye Awesome. Ht. 4".   $15.00 for 5 or 28.00 for 10

Tulipa Little Beauty Bright pinkish red with cornflower blue center. Fantastic. Ht. 4"      $5.20 for 10 or $15.50 for 30

Tulipa Little Princess  Bright tangerine flower with blackish-blue center.   Ht. 4"               $6.80 for 10 or $19.50 for 30

Tulipa Lizzy Bright red with darker center eye. Fantastic. Ht. 6"      $4.60 for 10 or $12.50 for 30

Tulipa Peppermint stick  Inner petals white, outer petals red with white edges. Apr. Ht.10.       $8.00 for 10 or $22.50 for 30

Tulipa Praestans Unicum Multiple Bright red and variegated foliage g( green with cream stripe). Fantastic. Ht. 10"      $9.60 for 10 or $27.50 for 30

Tulipa pulchella  Eastern Star Rose flowers with yellow base. Feb. Ht. 4". $7.60 for 10 or $22.00 for 30

Tulipa saxatilis Rose pink with yellow base. Apr. Ht. 10".
                                                 $3.50 for 10 or $9.50 for 30

Other Tulips in stock


Angelique (Double Peony) Fragrant Double rose pink flower, good cut.Ht 18" $9.60 for 10 or $26.50 for 30

Apricona (Triumph) Rosy Apricot. Ht.16" $8.20 for 10 or $24.00 for 30

Antarctica (Triumph) Classy white flowers, good as a cut flower Ht.20" $7.40 for10 or $21.00 for 30

Blue Aimable ( Single late Early) Lilac blue, Good cut. Ht.24" $8.80 for 10 or $25.00 for 30

Canadian Liberator (Triumph)  Satiny Red Flowers, Good cut . Ht.22" $7.80 for 10 or $22.00 for 30

Cit of Vancouver (Single Late) Soft lemon yellow. good cut. Ht.28" $8.40 for 10 or $24.00 for 30

Cream Flag (Triumph) Soft Creamy butter yellow Ht.20" $6.80 for 10 or $19.5 for 30

Diana (Single Early) Pure white. Ht.12" $7.20 for 10 or $21.00 for 30

Purple Prince (Single Early) Ht.14" Good Purple,iridescent fringed tulip with the colour resembling a tropical sunset  $7.80 for 6 or $26.00 for 30

Mondial ( Double Early Double, fragrant, White flowers, Classy. Ht.12" $9.60 for 10 or $27.00 for 30

Queen of the night (Single late) Ht.24 Dark purple -maroon flowers.  $8.20 for 10 or $23.50 for 30

Red Foxtrot(Double Early) Beautiful, fragrant, Double Red. Ht.12" $9.40 for 10 or $27.00 for 30

Secret Perfume (Double Early) Fragrant Soft double primrose yellow.Ht.16" $10.00 for 10 or $28.00 for 30

Yokohama (Single Early) Good Strong Yellow. Ht.14" $6.40 for 10 or $18.20 for 30



Trientalis latifolia (Star flower)  An interesting woodland plant with three leaves and flowers that emerge bright pink and fade to white. Makes a nice groundcover. From small bulb-like tubers. Ht. 4-8"                                                                 $9.00 for 3

Tropaeolum ciliatum Yellow flowers with red veins. Climbing nasturtium. Fleshy root. ##                                                  $7.500ea








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