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Our Hellebore Extravaganza
February 14th-March 31st, 2017

Our first major event of 2017 will begin on February 14th and continue until March31st. The colder winter has delayed bloom by a few weeks this year. Featured at this event will be an outstanding collection of Hellebores as well as other fabulous late winter blooming plants including Adonis, Bulbocodium, Corydalis, Cyclamen, Dentaria,and double and single Hepatica. Hard work and dedication to hand pollination has produced amazingly beautiful strains of Hellebores in which every plant is fabulous and unique. Similarly, breakthroughs in Hellebore tissue culture have created stunning strains in which every plant is identical. Many of these strains and cultivars are offered and listed below, however, others will be posted on the new plants list on our website just prior to the event. We are offering selections from major hellebore breeders such as Marietta and Ernie O'Byrne, Joseph Heuger, Judith and Dick Taylor, Heronswood Nursery, Yokohama Nursery, Gisela Schmiemann and Charles Price from countries around the world, including Britain, Belgium, Germany, USA, Canada and Japan. We are particularly excited about the Winter Jewels series from Marietta and Ernie which always provide a stunning display. To preview photos of the unbelievable double and single flowered Winter Jewels Strains, go to: www.northwestgardennursery.com or our website. We will also have species hellebores and a good selection of larger double and single plants available at the nursery. If you cannot come to the nursery and want to pick up the plants within a short period of time or have them shipped, fill out an order form with your credit card information and include a pick up date or shipping date and we will choose for you. There will be special offers to those who attend including smaller and much larger plants and plants offered in small numbers. We look forward to seeing you at Helleborganza! More on Facebook. We will add more new hellebores to our New Plants list. Click here for Hellebore specials: these must be preordered.




Yukiwariso Festival                    

March1st to April14th, 2017

Our Second major event will be our celebration of hepaticas. We will be updating the best time to come to the nursery in mid march when we know when peak hepatica bloom will be. We will be adding a lot to the collection at the nursery during the third week of March. Exact timing of this event is difficult as the peak bloom time is determined by winter temperature. So watch for updates in mid March. I encourage those interested to look at our facebook page and our Japanese hepatica page. http://www.thimblefarms.com/japanese hepatica.html as well as in the main perennila listings. We will have an ever increasing selection of hepaticas available at the nursery, both European and Japanese forms. We’ll have a good selection of hepaticas that can be chosen in bloom at the nursery this year. We are also developing hundreds of new cultivars that you will soon be able to order or pick in bloom for future availability. We encourage people to go back through ours facebook postings to see some of the exceptional variety that is coming. https://www.facebook.com/frasersthimblefarm/












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