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We're often asked what's available at the nursery and if we are open to the public.

All the plants listed on the website are available at the nursery with the exception of the odd plant that is sold out or only available in a given season (this is indicated in the Catalogue ( ie Fall only)). The Nursery also carries thousands of other perennials , shrubs and flowering and fruit trees that are targeted primarily at local Island traffic. We also offer at the nursery a huge selection of Food producing plants and Trees as well as veggy starts in season. We also carry some plants in quantities too limited to list in the catalogue and some plants that are too large to ship. If you're looking for something we don't list, don't hesitate to ask. You never know, we might have it in stock.

Nursery Visits and order pickups:

You are welcome to visit and shop at the nursery anytime we are open. If you want to pick up an order, please contact us well in advance so we may gather your plants ahead of time, particularly if you are coming from the U.S.A.. American orders require inspection and special documentation and we need some time to arrange this.

If you are making a trip to the nursery for only one or two special plants, we advise phoning first to ensure that plant is in stock. Not all plants are available all of the time (ie.sold out or not ready for sale yet).




Open 9am-4:30pm tuesday- Saturday from September 1st to March1st. From March 1st to August 31st we are open daily.9:00am -4:30pm


We are unable to accept phone orders
Voice/Fax: 250-537-5788

Credit Cards Accepted

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