Read this page before you order "Our terms and conditions "

We will only be shipping in the Fall and winter. We are too busy at the nursery in the spring to do any spring shipping. Perennials are shipped when dormant or will be cut down for shipping ( we will not be shipping Hellbebores)

You are required to print and Mail or email in the order form for all orders. Email orders are at your own risk. We suggest you email your order and phone in your credit card information.


Fraser's Thimble Farm Order Form includes shipping charges click here

Print it fill it out with a pen then scan it , mail it or email the info in after July 25th.

PLANTS:  All plants are pot grown and are shipped bare-root or with plastic bag replacing the pot to reduce shipping costs. Plants are usually trimmed back to reduce the foliage and ensure survival.

Substitutions: We will not substitute plants unless you have noted preferred substitutes on the order.

Plant Availability: We ship on a first-come, first-served basis, so we cannot guarantee that all the plants listed in catalogue will be available at all times, in fact, we can say that never are all plants available at the same time. For pickup we will hold uoto four days.

Shipping: We ship via Expedited or Express Post from mid-September through to the end of January. We take a break in the Fall from October 11th- November 10th. If your parcel is stolen on your porch we will not replace it.

Shipping Charges: These charges have been changed as our charges do not cover the actual cost on most shipments and that will need to change. Shipping is expensive even by ground by Canada Post. Labour costs have also increased and we will now include a packing fee. We will assess this every year now and gradually increase shipping charges until it covers our costs. On average an order takes more than one hour to Pick, prepare, pack and take to the Post office.

Guarantee: We do not guarantee our plants will grow for you or be hardy in your area. We will ship any plant to any area. If you kill it, it doesn't make it through a winter or doesn't sprout the next year, you run over it, a squirrel eats it, if it is too wet, gets frozen, gets stepped on, your neighbors dog pees on it we take no responsibility for it, these things are all beyond our control. Sometimes we grow a plant for 10 years only to see it killed by neglect or kindness in two weeks. We ship healthy, true to name plants usually on Mondays or Tuesdays each week during fall or winter.  However, our quality guarantee expires after the plants have been in transit to you for more than four days. Claims due to our error must be made immediately, if valid will be dealt with as a credit towards your next order.

Back Orders: We are unable to do back orders.  Please reorder.

Confirmation:  We do not send out Confirmations.  We suggest you make a copy of your order if you need to look at it before your plants arrive. We will phone you if you indicate you want a confirmation on your order form.

How to Order:

A:You can mail in your order, as we will be only taking limited orders you risk missing out

B:You can E-mail it to us at Mark your e-mail as `Order' so we know yours is an important email. We only check our email 3-4 times per week, We will respond with a simple received message to every email within  7-10 business days so you know we actually got your message (we cannot guarantee that there is security for credit card # etc). Do not send it as an attachment! Due to the number of viruses sent to us this year, we generally don't open them any more.

C: You can order four days ahead for plants and 2 months for bulbs (July and August orders only)ahead or check availability and pick up at the nursery. If you do this please give us the date you will pick up the order so we can make sure we have it in stock.  Please make sure, if you are picking up your order, that we actually receive it ahead of time if you want it pulled for you.  If you want to browse through the Nursery and look at the thousands of plant we don't list, please do. You can wander the nursery during open hours.

E:Phone orders.  We do not take phone orders but we do take phone calls. If you want to check on a plants availability please phone us, we are practically attached to cordless phones throughout the Spring but we do not have an office staff and are rarely inside when you call.  We don't mind phone calls.  If you get our answering machine, please leave a message, it means we are out of phone range.

U.S. Customers and Others: We are not shipping Outside of Canada at the moment. We don't know if this will change in the future.

Confirmation: We do not send out Confirmations. We suggest you make a copy of your order if you need to look at it before your plants arrive.

Finally you must circle on the order form that you accept these terms and conditions.

Fraser's Thimble Farm Order Form


We are unable to accept phone orders
phone: 250-537-5788

Credit Cards Accepted

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